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I've had the pleasure to work with Amy and Laura of Indigo Interiors twice. In both instances my husband and my goal was to integrate my husband's antique bottle collections with special art pieces in combination with large open spaces where furniture placement is a challenge.

Amy and Laura streamlined the selection process which was both a time and money saver for our family. They listened to our goals, utilized and incorporated our existing furniture and decor when we wanted to, and stayed within our established budget. The end result pushed our creative limits, incorporated the things we loved and wanted to show case, and created two distinct spaces that we love to spend time in.


If you value your time, want the most for your money, and desire a space that will speak to your end goal, you must call Amy and Laura with Indigo Interiors.

Tracey -- Fairfax

You know you made the right decision when you open your eyes during the big reveal and the happy tears start flowing. That’s how I feel after hiring Indigo Interiors to decorate my newly finished basement.


Laura and Amy could not have captured my vision for the space any better. The level of detail and personalization of everything in the room shows how much they listened and cared about what I was looking for. They recommended patterns and ideas that I would have never thought of which are now my favorite...all within a reasonable budget! Everybody that comes to the house wants to spend time in the basement which is exactly what we we’re hoping for.


Can’t wait for them to design our main family room next.

Lissette -- Fairfax

My living room was blah and now it’s beautiful. It’s that simple. Indigo Interiors gave me a space where people actually come to my house and comment on how nice it looks.


Somehow, Amy and Laura captured my style and decorated with just the right things. Things that I never seemed to be able to find on my own. You could tell how much they enjoyed what they were doing and how much they wanted me to absolutely love the result.


They were a lot of fun to work with and receptive to feedback. They definitely took the time to make sure I was going to like the things they were bringing into my home. I didn’t have to keep anything I didn’t like and because of that I truly love the end result. I would wholeheartedly recommend Indigo Interiors to anyone trying to makeover or improve the décor in their home.

Jenny -- Fairfax

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